How to Buy iBNB on BitMart–A Complete Easy & Fast Guide


This is a complete and easy guide to teach you how to buy iBNB.


if you’re looking for how to go about iBNB as a new buyer:

But don’t know how to go about it…….

………. Or the guides you’ve been reading are too complex to understand…….

……. Or they contain many big words and the steps are too much.

With this simple guide, you’ll see:

  • A brief of What iBNB is
  • How to buy iBNB with no stress

ALERT: Even your grandma and a 10-year-old child will understand this guide.



SECTION #1: Facts About iBNB and What iBNB is

SECTION 2: Create A Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange Account

SECTION #3: How to Buy USDT On BitMart

SECTION #4: How to Buy iBNB with USDT


How We Plan to Do That

To understand this guide, we have split this guide into four sections.

Here’s a brief of what each section covers.

SECTION #1: Facts About iBNB and What iBNB is

Brief of what’s inside:

If you are a movie fan or a music fan, you’ll know of some movies like Squid Game, Money Heist, Titanic among others.

If you love music, you’ll know of artists like 2Pac, Kanye West, Adele amongst others.

What’s the trending movie and song at the moment? Send it to our email to keep us updated too.


This section is to tell you briefly about what iBNB is.

And why it is the latest big thing to happen in the era of Defi (decentralized finance. Meaning not built like your regular banks)

SECTION #2: Create a Fiat-To-Crypto Exchange Account

Brief of what’s inside:

Fiat is your local currency. Like USD, EUR, and so on.

How to create a cryptocurrency wallet so you can buy iBNB.

To buy iBNB, you’ll need to have Bitcoin, Etherum or USDT

We will use:

SECTION #3: How to Buy USDT On BitMart

SECTION #4: How to Buy iBNB with USDT


Let’s dive in.

SECTION #1: Facts About iBNB and What iBNB is

Some buyers say iBNB is:

  • A new token for a new era of Defi (decentralized finance. Meaning not built like your regular banks)
  • The first token to introduce Dynamic Tax Protocol (DTP). This will ensure the sustainability of this project even after the initial hype is over)

That brings us to the next topic:


iBNB is an inverse synthetic Binance Coin token enabled by the Synthetix protocol. It inversely tracks the price of Binance Coin through price feeds supplied by Chainlink’s decentralized network of oracles.

Do you understand that? That’s technical jargon. You don’t need that.

So, in a simple form,

“iBNB’s main purpose is to focus on the renewal of the reward pool. Also, maintain a good amount of liquidity to sustain itself during periods of high and low volume.”

What a customer said:

“I heard about iBNB from my friends and read about it online. I wanted to buy some but I could not. I saw this guide and I could buy iBNB following the straightforward guide”

Justin Larson — Sales Associate

SECTION 2: Create A Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange Account

Fiat is your local currency. Like USD, EUR, and so on.

You cannot buy iBNB directly with your local currency (Fiat). You need to first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum or USDT…

Then use the cryptocurrency bought to buy iBNB.

We don’t want to take much of your time.

So, we will stick with how to use Bitcoin to get iBNB.

Since you don’t have a Fiat-Crypto Exchange Account…..

….. Let’s take you through creating a new account.

You can also use :

  • Coinbase
  • Binance (Only 43 states in the USA permit the use of Binance)
  • or any other exchange wallet


Since we promised you an easy guide, we will use BitMart…..

Because it will reduce the steps. And you won’t have to go through the stress of transferring your crypto balance from one wallet to another.


  1. Click on “Get Started” as seen in the image below

This takes you to a registration page. You can register with your email or phone number.

2. Input your preferred means (email or phone number).

Use a very strong password.

Here’s how it looks.

1. Make sure you tick the box which says “I certify that I am 18 years of age……………”

A code will be sent to your email if you registered with the email or phone if you registered with the phone.

2. Input the code and click “create an account.”

Now you are in.

STEP #2: Verify Your Account

1. On the website (if you’re using a computer), click the down arrow beside your email address.

2. Click “Account”

You’ll need 3 things:

· Input your full information like full name, phone, and date of birth.

· Add your means of identification (A government-certified photo I.D).

· Snap the front and back of the I.D card. With a selfie holding the I.D and paper written on dates.

When this is successful, you can withdraw up to 100 BTC a day.

STEP #3: Create 2-Factor Verification

1. Locate your account name and click “Account”.

2. Locate the “Google Authenticator” section and click “Enable”.

3. You have two options to choose from:

4. Use Google Authenticator to scan QR Code for OTP

Or use your phone number (Add your phone number to receive OTP)

This step is for your account to be safe.

NOTE: Copy and save “Secret Key” in case you want to restore 2FA.

5. Next, enter the Google Code or the code sent to your phone.

6. Click “Submit”. Now you’ve enabled 2FA security for your account.

SECTION #3: How to Buy USDT On BitMart

Don’t forget. We told you earlier that you need USDT to buy iBNB.

Even if you don’t want to use BitMart, other platforms will still need you to transfer Bitcoin from your wallet to another platform.

It is risky for a newbie, so we want you to be safe.

Remember, we promise you the easiest and faster means to buy iBNB

Here’s how to buy USDT:

  1. On your account, click “buy and sell.” It will show you a box.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the box, it shows like the one above, click the BTC and select USDT.

Don’t forget this.

Here’s what you’ll see:

1. Now, input the amount of USDT you wish to buy. If you are not buying with USD, click the down-arrow beside the USD and select your preferred currency.

2. Click Buy.

You can pay with:

· Credit/Debit Card (most VISA and MasterCard are accepted)

· Bank Transfer

· PayPal and more

SECTION #4: How to Buy iBNB with USDT

  1. Click Market.

1. Now, type “iBNB” in the space as seen in the image below.

You’ll see a cryptocurrency pair — iBNB/USDT

1. Now, click on the “Trade” as seen in front of the iBNB/USDT pair.

It takes you to the market section, where you’ll see some chart analysis of iBNB/USDT.

1. Type in the amount of USDT you want to use to buy the iBNB.

2. Click buy and you’re done.

It can’t get easier than this.

Before you go,

Here’s how to check your account balance.

  1. Click on your email. Then from the drop-down menu, click account.

1. Now, click “Asset”.

1. Look down and see your “Estimated Value” on the screen. That’s your account balance.


I hope you enjoyed our ultimate guide to buying iBNB.

Now we’ll like to hear from you: how easy is this guide?

If you have questions, drop in the comment section.

Like, share and comment.



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